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Tumi Morake and Ndumiso Lindi says they were asked by a customs official: “Are you married?”

And they said Yes; “But not to each other.” And thus began the comical journey for this wife and husband of other people.

The two comedians says they will be using their marriage experiences as material for the show.

When I went on the huge weight loss thing I found it interesting how no one ever asked how my husband felt about it because he was just crying over the _nyash (butt)_. He said you can lose all, just leave the back for me.

Tumi Morake, Comedian

I say newlyweds shouldn't actually give a speech on their wedding day. Everyone else should talk and you guys should just keep quiet. After five years, invite everyone, then you can talk.

Ndumiso Lindi, Comedian

Tumi Morake and Ndumiso Lindi on the Azania Mosaka Show

[WATCH] Tumi and Ndumiso chat about their new comedy adventure; Married, But Not To Each Other.

Posted by 702 on Tuesday, 13 March 2018

This article first appeared on 702 : [WATCH] Married, but not to each other

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