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Do you ever feel like you're being buried under mounting debt?

Have you begun lying to friends and family about just how much you owe?

Do you find yourself spending compulsively, despite already being in debt?

If so, a support group called Debtors Anonymous could be the solution to your problems.

Founded in the 1960's by recovering members of Alcoholics Anonymous, DA now holds meetings all over the world to help those facing problems with money.

Speaking to Sara-Jayne King, DA member Sarah explains the different facets of what's termed a 'behavioral addiction'.

There's the compulsive spending, the compulsive debting, the overuse of credit cards, bad saving and borrowing and then at the other end, there's the under earning, taking low paid jobs and feeling inadequate.

Sarah, member of Debtors Anonymous

Sarah says that at her first meeting she was able to relate to the experiences shared by other members of the group.

It was like someone was talking about a whole element of my life. It was a relief.

Sarah, member of Debtors Anonymous

There is no charge to attend Debtors Anonymous meetings and more information can be found at debtorsanoymous.org

Click below to find out if Debtors Anonymous could help you:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : [LISTEN] Drowning in debt? Support group offers help to overcome money worries

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