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Maxwell Phandle, the uncle of a little boy who along with his friend drowned in the disused pool, has questioned why the gate to this death-trap was left open.

The pool had not been treated for five years and a river fills the pool when it rains.

The water was so murky that there was no chance of anyone noticing the bodies at the bottom of this pool.

The drowning happened on March 1 and the two little bodies surfaced at 6pm that same evening.

The area where the pool is is currently a construction site where a new school is being built.

The gate to this pool was left open by construction workers.

Maxwell Phandle, uncle of drowned boy

Paddy Attwell, from the Western Cape Department of Education explained that an investigation is underway with the Department of Labour to determine why the gate was left open.

Attwell described the site as "complicated", with contractors busy with building. The pool, he said, has not been in use for years.

Listen here to the uncle as well as Attwell...

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : [LISTEN] Uncle of boy who drowned at Imizamo Yethu pool tells of tragedy

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