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If you haven't yet caught the latest must-see show on DSTV, then you're one of only a few.

Drama series 'Unmarried' premiered on February 2 on 1Magic and has fast become one of the most watched local programmes on TV.

Renate Stuurman is one of the stars of the show and caught up with Sara-Jayne King to chat about her latest role.

We had such a good time on that set, shooting the show.

Renate Stuurman, Actress

The show follows the stories of three women living in Johannesburg as they deal with the pressures of juggling marriage, motherhood, relationships and their careers.

Stuurman plays Brenda and told Sara-Jayne King how she landed the role.

My friend whispered in the executive producer's ear and said 'have you thought about Renate for one of the roles?', and production contacted me and that's how the role came about.

Renate Stuurman, Actress

Stuurman says the response from viewers has been amazing.

Women in particular say they can really resonate with the show.

Renate Stuurman, Actress

'Unmarried' airs on Fridays 7:30pm on DSTV channel 103

Renate Stuurman talks to Sara-Jayne King about love, life and work:

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