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To raise awareness, Dainfern College hosted a swimathon with a twist where the school pool was filled with plastic bottles to highlight the plight of sea creatures who have to live in polluted seas.

Speaking to Azania Mosaka, Tracy Blyth the manager of the Dainfern College Foundation, said school pupils collected as many plastic bottles as they could, threw the bottles into the pool and at the annual swimathon swam through the bottles.

They had a real-life experience of what our sea life experience on a daily basis.

Tracy Blyth, Dainfern College

She said the feedback from the children, was a sense of frustration and the children emphasised how it was difficult to swim through all the bottles. The experience resonated with the pupils who understood the importance of recycling.

Listen below to the interview:

This article first appeared on 702 : Plastic pollution highlighted: 'It's difficult to swim through all the bottles'

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