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Road accidents are one of the things we fear when getting into a car. If you have been in an accident, you know that building a road accident claim is quite a task.

Kirstie Haslam, partner at DSC Attorneys says that when it comes to serious accidents, the law states that you should not leave the scene of the accident until the authorities arrive.

In the complex environment of SA, where high crime rates could make one scared to stay at an accident scene, particularly at night or in quiet areas, Haslam says it is best to find a place of safety close by.

If you do have safety concerns, my recommendation would be to get yourself to a place of safety as soon as possible - hopefully, the nearest police station.

Kirstie Haslam, Partner at DSC Attorneys

Before assessing damages to vehicles, Haslam says that it is vital to see what injuries people have and ensure they are not exposed to further injury.

Once that has been established, it is time to get information about the accident.

Haslam says that you have to get the details of everyone involved. She adds if you can get details of potential witnesses, that would be helpful and any video footage could be an advantage.

The details of all persons involved, as much as possible is needed. That would be identity numbers, full names, cell numbers, all contact details, how many vehicles involved, registration numbers, if possible motor vehicle registration licences - all of this.

Kirstie Haslam, Partner at DSC Attorneys

When it comes to the reporting the accident, Haslam says you should report it to the police and insurance within 24 hours, unless you physically cannot.

For Haslam, no accident is too small to report, as you never know the long-term effects it may have. Thus she advises it is best to err on the side of caution.

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