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Car dealerships and their financing partners have for years been padding car finance deals with extras, which the National Credit Regulator says are not allowed for in the National Credit Act, and urged consumers to refuse to pay them.

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This applies to financed deals, but the extras aren’t justified however you choose to pay. They should be included in the selling price of the vehicle.


  • Initiation fee
  • Delivery fee (if the car is actually delivered to you; few are)
  • Initial fuelling charge - the actual cost of filling the tank
  • Licence and registration fees - the actual cost fee for getting licensing and registration done for you


(I’ve seen all of these things listed by various dealers when pressed to break down that on-the-road or admin fee.)

  • Pre-delivery inspection
  • 20-point check
  • Valet
  • Client “gift” (that flashy bow)
  • Key ring
  • Manual and service book
  • Admin
  • Removing the shipping protection
  • Permits

If the fee was added to your credit agreement, with whatever bank, the Credit Regulator wants to hear from you - email complaints@ncr.org.za.

Remember to attach your credit agreement as evidence.

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This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Car deal extras - what they can and can’t add to your finance contract

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