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Technobyte's Aki Anastasiou brings you the latest on Technobyte this week:

The past week’s series of revelations about the misuse of Facebook user data by the election firm Cambridge Analytica has led to widespread calls for users to delete their accounts.

Prominent supporters of deleting Facebook now include WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

One of the best guides to deleting an account can be found at DeleteFacebook.com, created by a U.K. developer named Edward Cant. On its face, the process seems simple – go to Facebook’s account deletion page and press one button.


If you really want to delete your Facebook account here is a fantastic guide that explains the process step by step.


We’re moving one step closer still to a future powered not by Wi-Fi, but by Li-Fi. Philips Lighting, probably best known for its bulbs and other illuminating fixtures, is now moving into the internet space by offering Light Fidelity, otherwise known as Li-Fi.

And it’s not just presenting this technology as a possibility — it’s actually already testing the new network in a real office. Icade, a French real estate investment firm, is one of the first companies in the world to use Li-Fi in order to provide its employees with broadband internet by way of lights.


Scientists at IBM have built a computer that is smaller than a grain of salt, which nevertheless has the equivalent computing power of an x86 machine from the 1990s.

That might not seem a lot when compared to the power of the latest smartphone chips, but it's still pretty fast for a computer that you could lose in a cruet set.


This article first appeared on 702 : A guide to deleting your Facebook account

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