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South Africans have rallied behind Liesl Tommy, the Cape Town-born director who will direct the film based on Trevor Noah's autobiography Born a Crime.

Tommy's role in the biopic, which will also star Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o, was announced this week.

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The Tony-nominated director will take on her first major movie in this homegrown story.

Tommy directed Nyong’o in the Broadway play Eclipse, and she says the actress vouched for her after becoming an executive producer of the film.

Tommy is currently directing a play in Boston and says she went through a series of interviews over several months.

It is a job of a lifetime.

Liesl Tommy, SA-born director

The fact that it would be my first feature film was definitely a question for the producers.

Liesl Tommy, SA-born director

Lupita Nyong’o was really a champion and it all came together.

Liesl Tommy, SA-born director

One thing that actors who work with me always say is that I'm not easy. I push people beyond the point where they are comfortable.

Liesl Tommy, SA-born director

It's my job as a director to see people's potential and what they don't see of themselves.

Liesl Tommy, SA-born director

The SA-born director spoke about her move to the US, her life and budding career.

Take a listen to her share her moving journey thus far:

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