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Tech guru Aki Anastasiou has been experimenting with some of the newly released drones this week and has picked the DJI Tello as a fave. He says it was a lot of fun to play around with.

The Tello has a flying time of 13 minutes, a built-in camera that can record video at 720p, has a range of 100m and costs about R2000.

This little drone measures the size of two phones lying side by side, has four propeller and an app that you download to play with it.

Aki Anastasiou, Tech Guru

It is very robust. I managed to crash into windows. You just pick up the propellers put them on again and fly it. It is fun to play with for both kids and adults.

To know more about the DJI Tello click here:

Aki also got hold of the Samsung Galaxy S9+ which has just arrived in South Africa and he says it's worth the upgrade.

The phone has dual aperture lens, which basically allows the camera to function really well under low light conditions.

There are some other cool features like super slow-mo and real-life emoji’s. It costs close to R20 000.

But there isn't a huge difference from its predecessor, the phones look very similar.

Aki Anastasiou, Tech Guru

The accessories are what differentiate these devices... it has wireless charging.

Aki Anastasiou, Tech Guru

Know more about Samsung Galaxy S9+

Knowhere News is a startup that combines machine learning technologies and human journalists to deliver the facts on popular news stories. So, no more fake stories.

According to Anastasiou, it uses the stories that are popular on the internet, gathers all the facts and then writes its own impartial side of the story.

It pulls stories from reliable websites and it tells you the websites it pulls from. It writes its own stories.

Aki Anastasiou, Tech Guru

Check out Knowhere News here:

To hear more Tech analysis from Aki Anastasiou, listen below:

This article first appeared on 702 : Technobyte: No more blurry pictures with Samsung Galaxy S9+

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