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We all know that growing up is apart of life and inevitable but at what age do you really start adulting? What really makes you an adult? Here's a top 20 list of when you know you're an adult, along with some of your suggestions that Darren, Sherlin and Sibs put together.

  1. Getting excited about purchasing a new appliance or tool.
  2. When all your friends are either getting married of pregnant.
  3. When you realise how expensive 2-ply toilet paper is.
  4. When your kids nursery or school fees are more expensive then your car instalment.
  5. When two or three drinks on a night out is more than enough.
  6. When you stop being offended by what people say about you or think of you.
  7. Looking forward to getting into be at 20:30.
  8. Having a steady job.
  9. Paying all your own bills.
  10. Doing dishes daily.
  11. Choosing clothes based on comfort and not style.
  12. Staying in rather than going out.
  13. Changing your sheets/ towels regularly.
  14. Moving in with a significant other.
  15. Booking your own doctors/dentist appointments.
  16. Moving out of the family home.
  17. Budgeting for monthly expenses.
  18. Getting excited about matching decor for your home.
  19. Throwing dinner parties.
  20. Doing your own home repair.

Are there any others you would add to the list? Let us know.

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