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A Western Cape plumber has developed a unique, water smart device to store water during geyser maintenance and replacements.

Wattapac is a water-saving bladder and pump designed to help plumbers save as much as 1 000 litres of water a day.

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Charles Watt, the founder of Watt's Plumbing, designed and created the device with his business partner Charles Beresford.

Watt explains that the product will save water and also improve the efficiency of maintenance and geyser replacements for plumbers by cutting time and labour.

Wattapac is a plumbing tool we developed in December.

Charles Watt, founder of Watt's Plumbing

Almost 200 plumbers in the Western Cape are using our product and we're saving massive volumes of water.

Charles Watt, founder of Watt's Plumbing

Instead of discarding the water when changing the geyser or an element, we pump the water out of the geyser in 12 minutes.

Charles Watt, founder of Watt's Plumbing

Once the maintenance or replacement is done, we pump the water back into the geyser and we don't lose any water whatsoever.

Charles Watt, founder of Watt's Plumbing

WATCH: Charles Watt demonstrates how Wattapac works

Watt explains how he was inspired to create the device and how useful it has proven to be.

Take a listen to him describe the innovation:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Cape plumber designs device to ensure geyser water doesn't go down the drain

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