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South African swimmer Tatjana Schoenmaker has set a new record for Africa in the 200m breaststroke at the Commonwealth Games in Australia.

She broke the 100mrecord set by Penny Heyns in 1999 to claim the gold medal with a time of 1:06.41.

Schoenmaker spoke to CapeTalk's Kieno Kammies about her record-breaking win.

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It still hasn't sunk in ... I completely felt like it wasn't real. When I got behind the podium I was holding my tears until they called out my name.

Tatjana Schoenmaker, New 100m breaststroke African record holder

At first I didn't even know what the record was but I was so happy to break Penny's record because she was such a legend and to have my name next to hers is so amazing.

Tatjana Schoenmaker, New 100m breaststroke African record holder

Penny Heyns called in to congratulate Schoenmaker for breaking a record she sets in 1999.

I just want to congratulate for breaking the record. I think it's about time that someone broke that record and I couldn't think of nicer person to do it

Penny Heyns, Former SA swimmer

Congratulations, I am really proud of you....

Penny Heyns, Former SA swimmer

To hear the rest of the conversation between Penny Heyns and Tatjana Schoenmaker, listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Penny Heyns congratulates Tatjana Schoenmaker for breaking her swimming record

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