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Body loathing can take a toll on one's mental and physical health.

Body activist Nomalungelo Mkhize shares her experience - the emotional abuse as well as depression she suffered growing up.

Mkhize joined Azania Mosaka on the line to tell her story and how to approve of and love your body with all its imperfections.

I had to look at it naked in the mirror, love my body, learn to know it. Know what is where, know where I have got things that I don't like and try to embrace and love them because they are there for a reason.

Nomalungelo Mkhize, Body activist

If people love me, they must fall in love with the real me.

Nomalungelo Mkhize, Body activist

I came into loving my body and telling myself there is nothing I won't wear because of my body shape. We can't all be Beyonce. There is only one Beyonce.

Nomalungelo Mkhize, Body activist

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This article first appeared on 702 : Why voluptuous women should embrace their body shape

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