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Speaking to Bongani Bingwa on the 702 breakfast show, Khabazela talks about a couple who drive through a tornado and the woman, thinking her life is over, declares her undying love for her partner.

She clearly thought that was the end of the road for them, she said 'Brendan, Brendan I love you.' And then boom that tornado got a hold of them and flipped them and they ended up in an accident. Luckily they were fine and nothing bad happened to them.


Another story doing the social media rounds is about a video of a cute dog that tries to play fetch every time a dart player throws a dart - the dog runs to another room to try and retrieve it.

Listen below to 'Whats gone viral' with Khabazela:

This article first appeared on 702 : A woman declaring her undying love before driving through a tornado goes viral

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