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The Chairman of Cape Town City Football John Comitis has responded to the allegations raised by the Observatory Civic Association that they were not consulted over proposals tp build a 10 000-seater stadium in the area.

The residents are unhappy with the plans which would see the Hartleyvale Stadium become the official home of the football Cfub.

Increased noise levels, traffic congestion and environmental pollution are some of the challenges raised by the residents, which they say are a major concern.

Comitis has confirmed that having the football club's own stadium is within their plans, but they have no intention of neglecting the residents of Observatory in all processes.

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Our intention is eventually have a stadium that we can call our home that we can put out for the greater part of the Cape Town football fraternity.

John Comitis, Cape Town City FC Chairman

And we will not do that without the participation of the community because we have to have buy in from everyone

John Comitis, Cape Town City FC Chairman

Comitis says they are currently in talks with the current users of the facility to ensure that everyone is happy for their arrival.

A formal application will soon be submitted with the City of Cape Town and start on a process of the stadium.

We have no intention of neglecting the community in this kind of venture because they are our partners. We would relay all the fears they have and we understand that it is a concern that there would be a stadium at your doorstep.

John Comitis, Cape Town City FC Chairman

To hear the rest of the conversation with John Comitis, listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Cape Town City FC chairman responds to concerns over Hartleyvale stadium

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