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Spokesperson for Department of Local Government in the Western Cape, James-Brent Styan has rubbished claims of a an immientDay Zero situation in Ladismith in the western Klein Karoo region.

A post on social media over the weekend suggested that Ladismith has only a few days before taps run dry.

Styan has strongly condemned the sharing of false information that could cause unnecessary alarm and panic.

He says the Central Karoo is not experiencing water shortage because the region received good rains in the past few months which boosted its reservoirs.

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We want to urge people to take their information from credible sources ...

James Brent Styan, spokesperson for Local Government in WC

That area doesn't have a lot of surface water so we are not going to see very full dams. Ladismith, Beaufort West and other towns in the area get a lot of their water from ground water at the moment.

James Brent Styan, spokesperson for Local Government in WC

Styan says the drought situation in the rest of the province is getting very serious and dam levels are continuing to drop.

The winter season has arrived and the province is expected to get some winter rains but it is still not certain whether the rainfall will be sufficient.

Stayn says the Minister of Water and Sanitation will be making a big announcement on Tuesday at 14:00 regarding the drought situation in the West Coast.

if we do not get good rainfall during this winter season we are going to be in serious problems going forward.

James Brent Styan, spokesperson for Local Government in WC

To hear the rest of the interview with James-Brent Styan, listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Ladismith is not experiencing Day Zero - WC govt

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