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The Department of Basic Education is scrapping supplementary exams for matrics, in favour of a new system that will delay rewrites to the middle of the year.

The department says it believes this would give more people an opportunity to complete their matric.

It says the high cost of supplementary exams is the key factor in making this decision, as half of the people who register to write supplementary exams never show up to do so. The department has to provide sufficient invigilators, tables, and chairs as well as the writing material, which is a huge waste of millions every year.

Sadtu spokesperson, Nomusa Cembi does not support this plan and says when the department came with this idea they did not have the learners best interest at heart.

She says if the learner has to write in June, then the whole year will be wasted.

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We are saying that the department should give learners multiple chances to write their exams and not just once a year.

Nomusa Cembi, Sadtu spokesperson

Listen to the argument below:

CEO of Governing Body Foundation, Tim Gordon says the foundation is in support of the decision thinks it will open up more opportunities/

He says the results of the exams written in January/February are released in May/June and no university is admitting new students at that time which means the learner will have a full year at home, thus he doesnt think the new system will be a problem.

Supplementary exams were designed to help people get a matric certificate not to get people in universities so this is going to make this a far more sensible and sustainable system.

Tim Gordon, CEO of the National Governing Body foundation

The difficulty with those supplementary exams was that a lot of people who registered did not gshow up and a vast majority of those who wrote did not pass.

Tim Gordon, CEO of the National Governing Body foundation

To hear the rest of the conversations, listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Plans to scrap matric supplementary exams

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