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We all know that Darren is obsessed with the Navy SEALs - so he was over the moon when he got to talk to real-life Navy SEAL Billy Allmon on this morning's show!

From funny moments in the field to facing up to hard memories, Billy shared some snippets of his 23-year career with the SEALs.

Missed the full conversation? Take a listen to this exclusive interview with Billy on #KfmMornings with Darren, Sherlin and Sibs.

Wives are the unsung heroes of any military, because they're the glue that keeps everything together at the home front so that you can do your job with a clear mind.

Billy Allmon - Navy SEAL

I hate jumping out of planes. I'm scared of heights. Go figure the career path I chose.

Billy Allmon - Navy SEAL

There's a peace in that moment, where you can say yeah, I've had a good life. I've had a good run.

Billy Allmon - Navy SEAL

When you're down to that, you're really down.

Billy Allmon - Navy SEAL



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