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With flu season approaching doctors say getting a flu shot may be one of the most effective means of preventing the infection.

According to Dr Lucille Bloomberg from the National Institute For Communicable Diseases, we shouldn't underestimate the how severe nfluenza can be, particularly when complicated by pneumonia.

She explains why the vaccine is important.

For majority of people, flu is an uncomplicated illness although you feel dreadful, but for a specific group you need to protect against those complications, because they are serious.

Dr Lucille Bloomberg, National Institute For Communicable Diseases

It is not a live virus in the vaccine, it is safe, it is a very quick injection and for the most part there are very few side effects. It's effectiveness really depends on how well the strains in the flu vaccine match with what is going to circulate that season, so not 100%, but very significant protection.

Dr Lucille Bloomberg, National Institute For Communicable Diseases

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This article first appeared on 702 : Here's why you should get the flu vaccine

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