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JOHANNESBURG - Eskom says it's doing everything it can to avoid load shedding despite a coal shortage at seven of its power stations.

The power utility says it's diverting excess coal to the stations that are running low and signing new contracts with suppliers to ensure there are no rolling blackouts.

Energy advisor Ted Blom says the situation is dire and there could be a blackout by this Friday.

“My estimation is that from Friday, we could see the lights flickering. Eskom has their own viewbut there are numbers that don’t correlate. The bottom line is they’ve been running on diesel turbines for the best part of the past few months.”

Eskom's Khulu Phasiwe, however, says this isn't the case.

“On 19 April, Blom went to the media to say in 10 days’ time, which was until yesterday, the lights will flicker and go off. Yesterday nothing happened and today nothing is going to happen. We’re doing everything possible to make sure that we keep the system running without any load shedding.”

This article first appeared on EWN : Eskom doing 'everything possible' to avoid load shedding

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