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At a media briefing held on Thursday, the energy utility Eskom assured the public that there will be no load shedding this winter.

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Speaking to Ray White on The Midday Report, EWN Reporter Gia Nicolaides said the acting CEO Phakamani Radebe outlined operations, some successes, as well as the challenges Eskom is facing.

He said yes, Eskom has major coal shortages. Last week they were talking about seven out of the fifteen power stations, this week they are saying it's one less. There are only six power stations that are experiencing coal shortages and that they have contingency plans in place to deal with this.

Gia Nicolaides, EWN Reporter

While load shedding is always a risk, because ultimately if you have coal shortages and all of a sudden a technical problem and something else is happening that is not expected, then obviously we could find ourselves at risk of load shedding.

Gia Nicolaides, EWN Reporter

Listen below to the full interview:

This article first appeared on 702 : There will be no load shedding insists Eskom

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