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An overhaul of the medical aid schemes could be on the cards.

Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has revealed plans which he says will give consumers a better deal.

The changes are contained in the Medical Schemes Amendment Bill and include proposals such as uniform tariffs for services and a prohibition of co-payments.

We want to replace Prescribed Minimum Benefits with something called Basic Minimum benefits or BMB, in other words, the minimum medical schemes must start paying for primary health care.

Aaron Motsoaledi, Health Minister

So they must pay for things like immunization, they must pay women for contraception, (which they are not accepting now), they must pay for prevention of diseases.

Aaron Motsoaledi, Health Minister

Motsoaledi also wants to see the scrapping of 'unnecessary' charges, like those paid to insurance brokers.

Part of the premium you are paying for a medical aid scheme is R90 which is given to a broker who you didn't chose, who is chosen by the medical scheme.

Aaron Motsoaledi, Health Minister

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This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Health Minister proposes scrapping of medical aid co-payments

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