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A new specialised unit has been launched in a bid to protect Metrorail commuters and infrastructure in Cape Town.

The safety and security enforcement unit is a joint effort between the City of Cape Town, rail agency Prasa and the Western Cape government.

Riana Scott, spokesperson for Metrorail, says the unit will focus on commuter safety and eradicating cable theft and vandalism.

Scott says officials are hoping for 150 officers in the unit - with 50 deployments each from Prasa, provincial and local government.

This will be an opportunity to up-skill and professionalise Prasa's in-house protection services unit, she explains.

According to Scott, the unit will ensure improved crime intelligence and forensic capabilities to fight cable theft.

Officials have initially committed to 12 months in which to monitor the operation.

Training is expected to begin in the next few weeks.

For the first time there is concerted collaboration.

Riana Scott, Metrorail spokesperson

It makes a huge difference to have a consolidated force where everyone is focused on the same thing.

Riana Scott, Metrorail spokesperson

It's an initial project for a year, to be managed quarterly.

Riana Scott, Metrorail spokesperson

We want this team to have a laser focus on commuter safety and to make sure that we eradicate cable theft from the system.

Riana Scott, Metrorail spokesperson

What we are ultimately aiming for is a transit-oriented unit.

Riana Scott, Metrorail spokesperson

Take a listen to the plans for the unit:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Cape Metrorail gets dedicated policing unit to improve safety

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