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Are you looking for a preventative approach to the upcoming flu season? Look no further.

The Flash drive have always got your back, even going into the dreaded flu season. On today's show we review a few easy steps to help you combat the flu without breaking the bank.

1. Get Active
Regular exercise helps produce more white blood cells which are crucial when fighting a virus. For a greater and more rapid immune response, make time to move this winter - it might even help you fight off the cold.

2. Colorful meals
Eating colourful fruit and veg replenish your body with the necessary anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to fight the flu. Broccoli, Garlic and peppers are among the key ingredients. Why not try to whip up a hearty winter stew and protect your family.

3. Protein, Protein, Protein
Be sure to eat enough chicken, eggs and for a vegetarian option chickpeas. Proteins are essential in building up the cytokines. These signalling proteins help antibodies bind to active viral bodies to destroy them.

4. A trip to the spa
While this sounds like a poor excuse to spend the day getting pampered, massages aid in cell circulation throughout the body to areas that are under attack. The relaxing aspect of the massage also decreases the production of a stress hormone, Cortisol - which kills more immune defense cells in your body.

5. Early Vaccination
Before you are caught in the heart of the office colds an flu's be sure to do an annual winter vaccination. Vaccinations prepare your body for the types of germs and bugs it could be faced with and replenishes your immune arsenal when you are confronted with the virus. This makes the attack brief and effective as your immune system was already prepared, you might not even know you had the bug.

6. Immuno-Boosters
Natural immuno-boosters include African Potato extract, ginger, oregano and plenty of Vitamin C & D. If you consume these supplements on a regular basis, they will reduce you chances for getting sick.

So get out there, be active, eat fresh foods and take the time to pamper yourself to beat the winter flu's this year.

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