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While shopping malls remain a prominent feature in South Africa's retail environment, e-commerce is growing at a faster rate according to Internet Executive at uAfrica.com, Andy Higgins.

Higgins says the total online retail spend is at an estimate of R11 billion a year.

With offline traditional retail growing at about five percent a year, we estimate online retail is growing twenty to thirty percent a year. It is still relatively low base, but growing much faster than traditional.

Andy Higgins, Executive at uAfrica.com

It is going to be a major part of our future but it is certainly not going to replace traditional retail.

Andy Higgins, Executive at uAfrica.com

He says building an online store has become a lot easier and cost effective.

Yes you can get going very cost effectively but you also have to be prepared to spend some money. It is a process, it takes time. You still have to market, invest a bit of money and do some research like any other business.

Andy Higgins, Executive at uAfrica.com

Founder of Perfectdealz.co.za' Maswe Ramagaga shared her story.

Perfect deals has been in existence for the past four years. In the first year, we were not getting too much traffic and the exposure we were looking for. Only now in the recent years, with all the offers, we are able to get more exposure.

Maswe Ramagaga, founder of Perfectdealz.co.za

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This article first appeared on 702 : [LISTEN] E-commerce is growing faster than traditional shopping

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