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Eight-year-old Traigh Pathon is making a name for himself on the international golfing scene.

8 year old golf star join Pippa Hudson live

Posted by CapeTalk on Wednesday, 6 June 2018

The Athlone-born boy hit his first ball when he was 14 months old and started playing the game competitively when he was four.

Traigh has proven he has a bright future ahead of him. Last week, he competed in the European Kids Golfing Championship in Scotland.

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He placed in the top 10 of the international tournament. Traigh's mother, Tiara Pathon, says golf has always been a part of his life.

I feels good when I play golf, it's fun to be playing.

Traigh Pathon, golf prodigy

I still go to Rondebosch Golf Club, but I'm also a member at Royal Cape Golf Club.

Traigh Pathon, golf prodigy

He started crawling on the golf course. Literally.

Tiara Pathon, mother to Traigh Pathon

Traigh would be in his car seat, on a golf cart at Rondebosch Golf Club. He obviously picked up a lot as a baby.

Tiara Pathon, mother to Traigh Pathon

We entered him in his first tournament when he was four years and eight months.

Tiara Pathon, mother to Traigh Pathon

He surprises us all the time. He's tiny for his age.

Tiara Pathon, mother to Traigh Pathon

Take a listen to the inspiring story:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : [WATCH] This rising golf star is putting SA on the map (he's only 8-years-old!)

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