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A Cape Town based NGO, Bright Start, is organising a campaign that will provide opportunities for children from Hangberg and Imizamo Yethu to attend schools with a good track record.

The campaign is in honour and celebration of Nelson Mandela's 100th birthday.

Campaign organiser Laura Collura says the aim of the campaign is to raise funds for children who need access to good quality education.

Madiba was a great champion for children and education and it is so wonderful that in South Africa we are still honoring that some years after his passing, we are still honouring that legacy.

Laura Collura, Campaign organiser

The campaign is called ‘R100 for 100 years of Mandela. They encourage all South Africans to give as little as R100 towards a child's education from 18 June to the 18 July when celebrations for Madiba's birthday will be kicking off.

I am saying if you could put one child through school in South Africa, you've done something great because that kind of investment in a person is the greatest investment, the returns are exponential.

Laura Collura, Campaign organiser

A child that is educated is more likely to educate his or her own children

Laura Collura, Campaign organiser

According to Collura, Bright Start is currently mentoring about 36 children who are getting academic support through the programme.

The campaign will be launched on Facebook on 18 June and contributors can make a payment through their easy-to-access Given Gain site or via EFT into their bank account.

To hear the rest of the conversation and how to contribute to the campaign, listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Give a child access to education... R100 for 100 years of Madiba

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