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Would you use a stainless steel straw that comes with its own brush instead of the conventional plastic one?

Azania Mosaka spoke to Co-Founder of Sipconscience Aaliyah Kathrada, who've come up with the Sip Conscious Stainless Steel Straw, made from food-grade stainless steel.

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Kathrada said the idea for the straw came when she was sitting at a restaurant.

We realised that we want the straws, as humans, we look for innovative solutions to make our lives easier and straws are one of those. However, plastic straws are really detrimental to the environment, to wildlife, to humans. So we thought that we would try to find an alternative.

Aaliyah Kathrada, Co-Founder of Sipconscience

She says educating people about the damaging effects of plastic straws has been one of their biggest challenges.

The biggest difficulty we found is convincing people that they are hygienic, which they are. Firstly our straws are dishwasher friendly, they come with a cleaning brush.

Aaliyah Kathrada, Co-Founder of Sipconscience

Listen below to hear Kathrada explain the benefits of using stainless steel straws:

This article first appeared on 702 : Would you use a stainless steel straw instead of a plastic one?

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