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Do sports teams that sing their national anthem passionately influence the results of the game?

Well... a new study seems to suggest that the more fervently players’ sing, the more likely the chances of a favorable outcome of the match.

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Researchers at the University of Staffordshire examined 51 games at the Uefa Euro 2016 and the players involved, looking at both verbal and non-verbal clues of passion before kick-off.

They studied whether players sang their national anthems at all and, if so, to what intensity.

The research also examined players’ facial expressions and body language, for example how closely team members stood together and whether they put their arms around one another.

Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology in the Department of Sport and Exercise at Staffordshire University Dr Matthew Slater told John Maytham more about the study.

How closely they stood together, did they have their arms around one another, did they have their hand over their chest or over their badge and did they show that level of connection and passion to the rest of their team.

Dr Matthew Slater, Senior Lecturer at Staffordshire University

Listen below to the full interview:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Sports teams who sing their national anthem with passion more likely to win

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