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Dis-Chem Random Act of Kindness June 2018

Dis-Chem and Imbumba bring sanitary pads to schoolgirls.#RandomActsOfKindness

Posted by CapeTalk on Thursday, 21 June 2018

We all know of organizations within our community that are doing great work to help those in need.

Today's Random Act of Kindness is for Soneike High School. We’ve partnered up with the Dis-Chem Foundation to help get sanitary pads to schools in rural and underprivileged areas across the country and this was the first stop.

Dis-Chem Foundation, Sherry Saltzman spoke to John Maytham and said Dis-Chem Foundation heard about this campaign which was started by Richard Mabaso from the Imbumba Foundation.

He saw a problem where men were very stigmatised by women having their period and he has a personal story about how he came about this problem.

Sherry Saltzman, Dis-Chem Foundation

It came down to, I think his niece got their period and the niece's mother shushed her and said no you cant talk about this, your uncles are around.

Sherry Saltzman, Dis-Chem Foundation

And the poor girl, not only did she not have sanitary pads, she wasn't even allowed to discuss what was going on within her body. And she didn't know what to do.

Sherry Saltzman, Dis-Chem Foundation

She adds that Mabaso jumped on board thinking that this wasn't ok and started the foundation whereby he wants to supply girls not only with sanitary pads, but also to educate them about their periods and how to use the sanitary pads.

He then approached the Dis-Chem Foundation and by backing him we said, let our customers come into Dis-Chem stores, purchase sanitary pads in our stores, place them into the bins and then our suppliers are matching every packet of pads that are being bought in our stores and that will be distributed to these girls who cannot afford them.

Sherry Saltzman, Dis-Chem Foundation

Listen below to the full interview:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Dis-Chem Foundation and Imbumba bring sanitary pads to rural school girls

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