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Imagine being fired by technology. Is your job on the line with the increasing rise of technology?

A California software developer, Ibrahim Diallo, has revealed how he was sacked from his job by a “machine out for blood” and even his managers were powerless to stop it.

Diallo had been working at the company for just eight months of his three-year contract when one day his key card stopped working.

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It was not my first time losing a job but the fact that the person firing me was invisible was very interesting.

Ibrahim Diallo, software developer

I looked at my director in the eyes, she says you work here but the email says no you don't work here.

Ibrahim Diallo, software developer

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In other tech news, Instagram is ready to compete head-to-head with YouTube. The company announced it will begin allowing users to upload videos up to one hour in length, up from the previous one-minute limit.

Aki Anastasiou says they've also introduced Instagram TV.

They are obviously very weary of how much time people spend on YouTube...

Aki Anastasiou, Tech Guru

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Google’s DeepMind unit has been involved in some of the company’s coolest AI breakthroughs in recent years, from outsmarting human Go players to developing more realistic speech synthesis. Now, DeepMind is looking to improve the way machines understand and model 3D spaces.

What they do is they feed the computer a couple of images of a room or spaces and the computer start stitching images together what the rest of the room would look like without needing more images. That's very interesting...

Aki Anastasiou, Tech Guru

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To hear the full conversation with Aki Anastasiou, listen below:

This article first appeared on 702 : Technobyte: A man who got fired by a machine

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