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A local company has created a smart water management solution to help residents monitor their household water usage.

Utility services company Ontec launched GaugeIT, a smart water saving device that allows families to measure their water consumption.

GaugeIT encourages consumers to engage more by providing near-real time water consumption information directly to their mobile phones.

The device also features hourly consumption stats, early leak detection alarms and high usage threshold warnings.

Residents are also able to compare their water consumption with the utility bill to ensure alignment.

It allows the consumer to have the power to change their consumption and not be reactive to punitive tariffs.

Yolanda Gossel, Marketing Manager at Ontec

Change in behaviour is the solution to the ongoing drought and water shortages at a national level.

Yolanda Gossel, Marketing Manager at Ontec

It does not replace your municipal meter in any way. It does not cut off your water.

Yolanda Gossel, Marketing Manager at Ontec

The devices is on sale at Takealot.com for R1999.

Learn more about GaugeIT here.

Take a listen to to how the device works:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : New smart device helps families measure household water usage via mobile app

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