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Pan-African broadcaster, Lee Kasumba is on a fact-finding mission for Standard Bank’s Africa Connected to gain insight into Ethiopia’s business environment.

She visits the office of Aman Adinew, Chief Executive Officer of the award-winning coffee company, METAD.

The birthplace of coffee – Ethiopia's longstanding tradition of coffee growing dates back centuries.

Ethiopian coffee company, METAD's deep connection to the land began with Muluemebet Emiru – a grandmother who devoted herself to transforming the Harar farmland into a private coffee estate.

I grew seeing coffee at my grandparent's house...

Aman Adinew, Chief Executive Officer of METAD

Today, Ethiopian coffee directly affects the lives of 20 million people of Ethiopia's 100 million population with 73% of Ethiopian coffee workers are women and, although it has dropped from 60 percent, it still dominates at almost 40 percent of foreign currency coming from exports.

Ethiopian coffee is number one in the world.

Aman Adinew, Chief Executive Officer of METAD

Click here to access the Africa Connected portal or click below to watch Lee's full interview with Aman Adinew...

This article first appeared on 702 : Can you guess where the best coffee in the world comes from?

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