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A charter aeroplane has crashed in Pretoria near Moloto Road, near Wonderboom Airport.

20 people are reported to have been injured.

No fatalities have been reported but emergency services are at the scene. The aircraft is reported to be a Dutch cargo MAC Martin's Air Charter owned by Air France-KLM.

There were 19 people on board including a flight engineer who still remains trapped.

Waheed Mohammed, Airport Manager at Wonderboom National Airport, describes what happened:

According to an eyewitness and caller Alexandra, there has been a plane crash at the Wonderboom Airport.

Speaking to Joanne Joseph, he says a 20 engine aircraft just crashed east of the N1 highway.

I have no news further than that, I saw the police and ambulance all running out of here.

Alexandra, caller and eyewitness

He adds that he works at the airport and he heard the crash alarm go and listened to his radio.

I saw the aircraft coming through a big cloud of black smoke and apparently, there was an engine failure. But I saw it coming low level trying to turn towards the runway.

Alexandra, caller and eyewitness

Another caller, Patrick says he was travelling near the N1 North Highway before Zambezi Offramp, he just saw something dropping down from the sky but he didn't know what it was.

The next thing I saw an explosion and heard a big bang.

Patrick, eyewitness

Jim Gorden another eyewitness said what he saw coming from the tollgate just north of Zambezi.

There was a plane coming towards us and there was a lot of smoke coming out of the engines. The plane came over the highway and it tried to bank and go back to the airport. And then we lost sight of it, and then there was smoke.

Jim Gorden, eyewitness

To me, it looked like it was near the Moloto Road.

Jim Gorden, eyewitness

Listen below to the full interview and eye witness accounts:

Listen below to eyewitnesses...

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