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Serame Taukubong has taken over the reins as Telkom's new CEO of the consumer division.

Customers have often complained over the network provider's poor service saying they're inefficient and unprofessional, although a small group says it's had positive experiences overall.

Taukobong admits there is a problem.

Here is how he plans on tackling the issue.

The key principle I am certainly bringing on board is 'serving is the new selling'. You have to serve customers better so you can actually sell. Service becomes a key differentiator for us as a brand.

Serame Taukubong, CEO at Telkom's consumer division

The key thing for us is to follow the customer journey, let's look at all the various consumer touch points, where are customers experiencing problems. If there is an issue with call volumes, what do we do to increase the capacity of calls coming into the centre...

Serame Taukubong, CEO at Telkom's consumer division

The reality is we are competing with very commercially competent companies. We have to deliver to that service.

Serame Taukubong, CEO at Telkom's consumer division

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This article first appeared on 702 : Telkom's new head of customer services promises better service

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