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Last week Cape Town celebrated the birth of its four newest residents, when Inga Mafenuka delivered four healthy babies at Tygerberg Hospital. The Khayelitsha mot her and IT student, who gave birth to two girls Bunono and Bungcwel and two boys Bubele and Buchule on Friday were all named by their grandmother.

Upon hearing about the birth of the four healthy babies, Darren, Sherlin and Sibs from Kfm Mornings immediately wanted to properly welcome the Cape quadruplets into the city and provide assistance to the new mother of four with the mammoth task at hand.

Kfm Mornings and LottoStar decided to suprise the young mother with R10, 000 per month for the first year of the babies lives. During a conversation with Darren and Sherlin, Inga was overwhelmed with joy and thanked the station and Kfm listeners for all the love and care for her and her quadruplets.

As a father of two boys I understand the challenges a new parent faces and felt that we must do something to show support for Inga and her extraordinary circumstances. That’s why we reached out to our good friends from LottoStar to see how we could make the first year of the Mafenuka babies lives a little easier.

Darren Simpson - Kfm Mornings

Listen to the full conversation between Inga Mafenuka, the mother of four and the Kfm Mornings team below:

A big thank you to our good friends from Lottostar for helping us make all of this possible.

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