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The Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of the 10 largest JSE-listed companies earn R24.9 million per year, on average.

This is according to the new report by PwC.

The 10 largest listed firms account for 60% of the JSE’s market capitalisation.

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) earn R15.1 million, on average, while Executive Directors earn an average of R8.7 million annually.

When considering the top-40 companies; CEOs earn, on average, R5.2 million per year.

If you take the average of the largest 100 companies, average annual CEO earnings come in at between R2.5 million and R2.9 million.

Ray White (in for Bruce Whitfield on The Money Show) interviewed Andreas Horak, Associate Director at PwC.

For more detail and the latest on executive pay; listen to the interview in the audio below.

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This article first appeared on 702 : R24.9 million per year… what the CEOs of SA’s top-10 companies earn (on average)

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