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A Cape Town resident has taken to social media to raise funds for a friendly waiter in Rondebosch who is struggling to pay for his studies.

Kelly Grobler says she met Mike several years ago when she was completing her Honours at UCT and frequenting the local restaurant for their breakfast special.

Kelly says that when she and Mike struck up a relationship, she began to learn more about his story and character.

Mike has been studying towards a qualification in engineering, but has struggled paying for tuition which has led to additional delays.

Kelly put out an appeal for financial contributions on her Facebook page, securing R5 300 towards Mike's studies.

She's promised to match the amount raised by her friends and family, bringing the current total of the funds to R10 600.

If you would like to help Mike achieve his dreams, you can e-mail jeannem@primedia.co.za.

Mike was there through my tears, through my break-ups and he listened to my crazy feminist theories.

Kelly Grobler

This guy is just trying to put himself through varsity and he has the greatest heart. He's from Congo and he just wants to be able to send money to his family.

Kelly Grobler

He's still studying and struggling to pay for his studies.

Kelly Grobler

I appealed to my Facebook friends to sacrifice their almond milk cappuccino for the day and instead give that R35 to Mike.

Kelly Grobler

I promised that whatever my friends and family raised, I would match.

Kelly Grobler

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This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Patron-turned-friend raising cash to help Rondebosch waiter complete his studies

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