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Many celebrities, politicians and so-called social media influencers found their Twitter followings knocked down a few digits on Thursday as the company slashed tens of millions of suspicious accounts from the totals.

When the work is done, Twitter expects it will have reduced the total follower count on the platform by about 6 percent which is a substantial drop.

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The people who had the least followers lost were people like Elon Musk but a lot of politicians had a lot of fake followers, the likes of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump lost a few million.

Aki Anastasiou, Tech Guru

Twitter was doing all sorts of interesting analysis, people creating false accounts to spread false information and retweet junk, porn and all sorts of rubbish. So they got rid of all of that, did a bit of clean up.

Aki Anastasiou, Tech Guru

Six percent of the entire Twitter population disappeared...

Aki Anastasiou, Tech Guru

Read more about this matter here:

In other news, father and son scientists Professors Phil and Anthony Butler from Canterbury and Otago Universities have developed the world's first colour medical scanner.

They spent a decade building and refining a product that produces a clearer and more accurate pictures to help doctors give their patients more accurate diagnoses.

The pictures that you will see are quite astonishing. they have developed a technology called Medipics technology.

Aki Anastasiou, Tech Guru

You can literally see through the bones, where the blood is flowing, the white and soft tissue - it's an amazing technology that these guys have developed.

Aki Anastasiou, Tech Guru

Read more about the world's first medical colour scanner here:

And Aki Anastasiou says the sound that comes from the Jabra Elite 65T wireless earbuds is quite impressive. These are earbuds like earphones that produces better sound than Apples earphones, says Anastasiou.

The Jabra Elite 65T wireless earbuds costs about R3500.

The battery life is fantastic even if you are walking tin the wind you can still talk perfectly...

Aki Anastasiou, Tech Guru

Check out the Jabra Elite 65T wireless earbuds here:

To hear the rest of the conversation with Tech guru Aki Anastasiou, listen below:

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