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Clifton 1st beach swimming is a no-no. The Health Department has warned beachgoers to avoid the water on the Cape Town beach until further notice.

Here is what the Health Department states:

The City of Cape Town's Health Department hereby advises residents of a sewage spill at Clifton 1st Beach, in the vicinity of 40 Victoria Road.

The spill emanated from a sewer blockage at a nearby property and the City’s teams are hoping to repair the blockage as soon as they’re able to gain access to the property.

Members of the public are cautioned to avoid contact with the water until further notice.

Any form of full contact recreational activity such as swimming, diving, water skiing, surfing, paddle skiing and wind surfing may increase the risk of gastrointestinal problems as well as skin, eye, ear and respiratory irritations.

Any person who uses the sea in this area therefore does so at their own risk.

City Health will erect signage, warning the public about the situation and will inform the public once the spill has been resolved and this area of the beach is safe again.

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Stay out of the water: Swimmers warned of sewage spill on Clifton 1st Beach

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