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CAPE TOWN - As the world marks Mandela Day on Wednesday hundreds of thousands of people are doing their bit to lend a helping hand.

From big corporations to residents, most people are remembering the legacy of former president Nelson Mandela.

Wednesday is the final day of Shoprite’s drive to clean up communities.

More than 600 volunteers have spent the last five days cleaning up over 500 communities.

The retail giant has dubbed the event “Africa’s biggest clean up”, spanning over 11 countries.

Shoprite’s Lunga Schoeman says: “We don’t plan on stopping. We hope we’ve sparked a movement of active citizens that regularly organise clean-ups and positively impact their environment. An additional platform, ‘Act for Change for Africa’ will live on. It’s available for people to continue connecting and organising community cleanups as much as they possibly can.”

Meanwhile, the Dis-Chem Foundation has given back to a local creche.

CEO Sherry Saltzman says: “What we’ve decided to do is supply you with a fully fitted container with all your suppliers so that you can run a proper classroom within the school.”

In Ocean View, a local resident challenged others to do their part.

“In commemoration of Madiba, we’re making three pots of food to basically feed our neighbours. I’m also challenging all pro-active groups in Ocean View and throughout the country to do something nice for a stranger.”

(Edited by Zamangwane Shange)

This article first appeared on EWN : Thousands lend helping hand on #MandelaDay

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