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CAPE TOWN - Sixty-seven CCTV cameras in the Bellville/Parow CBD area are now zooming in on criminality.

The Voortrekker Road Corridor Improvement District has joined forces with Securitas South Africa in a bid to alleviate criminal acts in these communities.

The initiative forms part of a broader city project and is one of 39 others in the metro where similar technology has been rolled out.

It will complement a number of public safety officers already patrolling the area.

From the beginning of this month, surveillance in these two northern suburbs has been manned from a 24-hour security operations centre.

Officials hope that this will deter crime as offenders know they are now being watched and recorded remotely.

Chief operations officer, Derek Bock, says that new technology will also be incorporated to detect vehicles involved in criminal activity

"The next stage, which will be ready within a month, will be LPR (licence plate recognition) cameras, whereby if we have the details of criminals vehicles, from their part in the city, we will immediately notify SAPS if these vehicles come into our areas as well."

This article first appeared on EWN : Bellville CBD zooms in on criminals as new anti-crime initiative begins

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