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It's only getting spicier here in the Kfm 94.5 studios...

This morning, Kfm Mornings denied that they're the ones to blame for the state of the studio mentioned in a sternly worded email from services manager Rodd, and pointed the finger squarely at The Flash Drive.

Now, in the great Kfm 94.5 coffee cup conspiracy, Darren Simpson has thrown down the gauntlet and challenged The Flash Drive to settle this once and for all...

"This is going to be a dogfight of note!"

Darren Simpson, Kfm Mornings

Bring it, Darren Wackhead Simpson. Bring it.

Carl Wastie, The Flash Drive

Sherlin vs Zoe, Rameez vs Barron, Darren vs Carl... Who would you back?

Listen to Carl and Darren engage in some stellar trash talk below:

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