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"I did a few spot checks and found that presenters are still drinking and eating in the studio... If anyone is found bringing in cups and drinks, they will be dealt with appropriately."

Services manager Rodd sent an email to the Kfm 94.5 presenters about the state of the studios - and the Kfm Mornings and Flash Drive teams are throwing shade.

Carl Wastie and the Flash Drive were first to throw suspicion in the direction of the early birds.

Listen to the audio below:

Now, Carl Wastie says that he didn't specifically point out the Kfm Mornings team, but he did mention that people generally drink more coffee earlier in the morning so that "you could perhaps do a radio show".

"So they've thrown us under the bus!" says Darren.

The Mornings team knows that they're not the guilty party, but Darren says he has it "on good authority" that the culprits are the Flash Drive team.

"I've never messed a cup of coffee in the studio... 25 years in this business and never, ever."

But there's a second part to this story, and it's not good for the breakfast team...

"We are in trouble, though."
In his excitement the other morning, Producer Brad spilled coffee all over the equipment in his booth - and now he's been hauled in to a meeting with HR and Rodd. (Editor's note: Rodd is one of the friendliest guys in the office... Until you make a mess. And the Kfm 94.5 team makes a lot of mess, between cake smashes and confetti cannons.)

In Brad's own words: "Whoopsydoodles."

But disciplinary hearings aside, one caller had the inside track on something that Carl Wastie had said... And it has Darren out for blood...

"Carl Wastie, this is not finished!"

Listen to what went down:

Tune in tomorrow to find out the outcome of Producer Brad's hearing...

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