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CapeTalk's own Jeanne Michel has made it to the finals of Survivor SA Philipines Season 6 and we wish her the best of luck.

A Reddit SurvivorSA fan writes: Jeanne is extremely well spoken. Even if her game wasn't very good, she would be able to convince people that her game was amazing. But her game actually was pretty good already.

He adds, if any of those three could talk their way out those jury questions, it's Jeanne.

It's the first time finale will take place live in Cape Town on Thursday 16 August screening at 7 pm on DSTV and then we will know who the winner is.

Bianca Reznikov speaks to Werner Joubert who was voted out of Survivor on Thursday night.

Joubert spoke highly of Jeanne Michel.

Jeanne has been playing with me from day one. We are the only two that have moved together from the original set to that beautiful island and we have never slept in separate shelters for the duration of the game and I know her game.

Werner Joubert, Survivor finalist

She gave such a wonderful social game and strategically she is strong but up to this moment, she was not strong in challenges. But she came through like an absolute champ and took that challenge away from me.

Werner Joubert, Survivor finalist

To hear the rest of the conversation with Werner Joubert, listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : CapeTalk's own Jeanne Michel makes SurvivorSA top 3

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