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Proposed changes to the Road Accident Fund are currently being debated around the country.

Under the Road Accident Benefit Scheme Bill, road accident victims will be able to claim for compensation, irrespective of whether they are at fault or not.

They will also be able to claim directly from the scheme's administrator without the assistance of a lawyer.

Traffic Criminologist Dr Lawrence Barrit says the bill will make it simple for everyone to claim.

It will be much more simple than it is at the moment there is no question about it. We must actually look at the reasons why this new bill is being proposed.

Dr. Lawrence Barrit, traffic criminologist

At the moment there is just not enough money to go around, for the simple reason that at the moment there are something like 62 520 people who are seriously injured in crashes in South Africa.

Dr. Lawrence Barrit, traffic criminologist

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The background to this bill is very simple. Firstly, it has to be affordable; not only to the State but to the public who are paying for it when they fill up petrol.

Dr. Lawrence Barrit, traffic criminologist

Secondly, it has to be sustainable to work in the long term.

Dr. Lawrence Barrit, traffic criminologist

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Meanwhile, President of Black Lawyers Association Lutendo Sigogo says they do not oppose the bill but they are unhappy with some of the provisions.

We are not happy with the provision that says members of the public who will be involved in an accident will not be assisted by the administrator in terms of their legal costs and any other expense involved.

Lutendo Sigogo, President of Black Lawyers Association

People were not going to go to lawyers if they were satisfied with the scheme itself. But the problem is that if they go to the scheme without the assistance of lawyers, those people get under settlement from the scheme.

Lutendo Sigogo, President of Black Lawyers Association

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