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While a career in music is exciting, it does come with its own impediments, says singer-songwriter Jeremy Loops.

Having spent most of the year on the road, Loops has just come back from touring Europe.

He sat down with Azania to share more about the experience and deliver an in-studio performance for this week's 702 Unplugged.

It is exciting. It is a lot to keep up with, you spend a lot of time away from home. That can take its toll. This year we have been away 6 of the 8 months. I crave routine...I am not complaining.

Jeremy Loops, singer-songwriter

Jeremy Loops joined us in studio for this week's #702Unplugged.

Posted by 702 on Friday, 31 August 2018

When I am on stage, making music and connecting with my audience, that is the one time I can forget about the broader Jeremy Loops business.

Jeremy Loops, singer-songwriter

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This article first appeared on 702 : #702Unplugged: Jeremy Loops talks being on the road and music

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