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Coming out isn't a single-step process.

Sometimes it's easy, like an afterthought, like answering a question that probably didn't need to be answered.

Sometimes it’s nights staring at a wall when you should be sleeping, wrestling with feelings and second-guessing yourself.

The Flash Drive’s Carl Wastie was touched by the bravery and the courage that it took for The Voice’s Season 2 Winner, Craig Lucas, to come out and share with the world about his sexuality and his life story in a deeply moving open letter.

“You have the value. You have the power and you can do this. You can become the best you, you can be. It’s not about anything else. It’s not about what society thinks about you. It’s about the value you place on yourself”

Carl Wastie

Carl Wastie was not alone in applauding Craig's courage and sharing with the world something so deep and so personal.

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