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Parents have been urged to have conversations with their kids about their safety outside of school premises.

This comes amid an apparent spate of learner abductions incidents across the Western Cape.

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Guardians are advised to warn children about so-called stranger danger, but also to take caution even with people they may know.

Aside from frank discussions, safe words, and set routines, technology can also play a role in safeguarding children.

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Tech expert Jan Vermeulen explains some of the apps and gadgets that parents can invest in to ensure they can keep track of your kids.

Wearable technology:

Mobile apps:

He discusses the various technologies, some existing features built into smartphones and the associated costs.

The watch functionality can be made simple to function as a basic tracker and as a way to call a parent.

Jan Vermeulen, Technology Editor at MyBroadband

These watches have GPS built in, so you can track your child that way.

Jan Vermeulen, Technology Editor at MyBroadband

It's all about your budget.

Jan Vermeulen, Technology Editor at MyBroadband

When you place the call, you can hear, as the emergency contact, what's happening on that side.

Jan Vermeulen, Technology Editor at MyBroadband

Listen to the expert advice from The Pippa Hudson Show:

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